Counseling Deaf and Hard of Hearing


If your family has been struggling with communication with your deaf or hard of hearing child, I (Rachel) have over 10 years of experience working with and interacting with the deaf and hard of hearing population. I am fluent in sign language and am familiar with the everyday demands of raising a deaf child. Having worked for the past seven years within several local school systems’ regional school for the deaf, I know about supports available to students through the school district as well as challenges they face while going through school. I want to work alongside you and your family to improve communication, strengthen family bonds, and bolster your family relationships as we develop your child’s social and emotional skills.

I will work alongside you to address issues such as:

  • Improving communication
  • Setting boundaries with children
  • Teaming with the school system and other professionals to address problem behaviors
  • Depression within deaf children and adolescents
  • Improving self-esteem and self-concept
  • Discussing sexuality with your deaf or hard of hearing child
  • Increasing your parenting skills, considering different approaches
  • Processing through a diagnosis
  • Exploring communication and schooling options
  • Anger management with deaf children and adolescents

Resources for Parents and Educators

Here are some helpful resources for you as you are parenting your deaf or hard of hearing child:

Crossroads is a collaborative effort between Education Service Center 11 and Texas School for the Deaf. Each of these agencies has a department responsible for statewide services to improve educational outcomes for deaf and hard of hearing students.

TAPED is dedicated to promoting excellence and equality for deaf and hard of hearing children in Texas. Their membership is composed of parents, teachers, members of the deaf community and interested individuals.

This program, called Guide by Your Side, has the goal of providing unbiased support to parents of deaf and hard of hearing children throughout childhood and adolescence.

This is a good PDF showing the various steps parents can take from their child’s birth as they access Texas Early Childhood Intervention services.

For a more extensive list of resources, visit