Sessions with Us

Session Format

We offer a free, 30-minute face-to-face consultation in our office. We want to make sure that we are a good fit for you, hear what is bringing you in for counseling, and explain what counseling will be like.

At the conclusion of your consultation, we will schedule an intake session with you to collect history and sign paperwork so we can get started working together with you. This intake session will last 50 minutes.

Finally, regular sessions last 50 minutes each. Scheduling is done weekly with your counselor. Each counselor sets his/her own fee schedule. For more information about fees, please refer to each counselor’s page. Information on Rachel’s fees can be found here, while Erica’s fee information can be found here. We accept out-of-pocket payments at this time, including cash, check, or major credit card.

Contact Information

2Contact Erica: (832) 730-4288

1Contact Rachel: (214) 604-5378

3Contact Kevin: (972) 741-1038

Types of Services Offered: