Rachel Johnson, MS, LMFT Associate

Hello there! I’m Rachel! I have a heart for counseling couples and families and work with my clients to achieve their goals for a healthier and more joyful life! Call me for an appointment at (214) 604-5378.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Hello there! My name is Rachel Johnson- my goal is to develop strong bonds in my clients’ relationships by teaching families how to genuinely communicate with others and set healthy boundaries. I believe these two factors are some of the big keys to vibrant, growing relationships.

My Specialties

My specialties include counseling with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing population. I have been working within this population for years and have fluency in American Sign Language. I can provide individual, or couples counseling in sign language. Contact me for more information about family counseling using sign language.

Philosophy of Treatment

I take a strengths-based approach to counseling clients. I believe that individuals are able to problem-solve and come up with creative, effective solutions through working together with a counselor. In time, these problem-solving techniques become familiar and more natural to use independently. I believe in collaboration within therapy.

Fees for Services

I want to provide you with a valuable, customized counseling service. My goals for your includes personal growth and positive life outcomes. We work together to determine goals and design achievable and measurable steps towards those goals.

A free 30-minute consultation is available so you can make sure I am a good fit for you, explain what has brought you into counseling, and so I can learn what you hope to achieve.  $80 per 50-minute session or $120 for a 90-minute session are my fees. These fees are the same for individual or couple/family therapy.


If you’d like to get in touch with me, again my number is (214) 604-5378, or you can use the form below to send me an email. I check my email regularly and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!